New change rooms for PG SILESIA employees given into service


On 1st of March the employees of PG SILESIA were given new rooms, which aim is to be the change rooms. Construction lasted nearly a year and consumed PLN 8.7 mln.

This project included building two floors on the old change rooms’ building. There is a place for 1500 employees (1320 employees in hook room, 160 in lockers room). The upgraded change rooms are also fitted with modern ventilation and electrical systems and sanitary facilities, which significantly increase the comfort of the rooms. Small but significantly facilitating life solutions, such as heating, respectively perforated lockers for clothing and locked lockers for valuables personal items cannot be forgotten. The heat exchanger, electrical switchgear and staircases were also exchanged. At the invitation of PG SILESIA Board of Directors, the ceremony of giving the change rooms into service and cutting a symbolic ribbon was attendant by Andrzej Plonka, government officer of Bielsko-Biała, Marian Błachut, Mayor of Czechowice - Dziedzice, companies engaged in the investment and trade unions representatives.

Nowe łaźnie dla pracowników PG SILESIA oddane do użytku

I am very pleased that I can give a new facilities to our employees. Especially when these facilities’ standards are the best European mines’ standard. So far, modernization of underground part of the mine – infrastructure, equipment, devices and technology, was our pride. We have almost completely modernized Treatment Plant because the coal quality is one of our priorities. Many things also happened in the area of health and safety. With each new investment we looked on its impact on safety improvement. The first year and a half can be summed up by the following number - 520 mln PLN. Now it is the time to increase the work comfort. After the renovation of the main office building, we open new change rooms. I hope they will serve you well. – said Michal Heřman CEO of PG SILESIA, just before the ribbon cutting.

Nowe łaźnie dla pracowników PG SILESIA oddane do użytku Andrzej Płonka, government officer of Bielsko-Biała emphasized good cooperation between local authorities and PG SILESIA. He also expressed satisfaction that investments mean new work places, employees’ safety and continuous development of the company. At the end he also underlined the role of PG SILESIA, as the one of the largest employers in Podbeskidzie.

I fully confirm that together we were able to do a lot of good things. However, I want to say that at the time when I signed the development decision starting this investment, I was not aware of what I was signing. I remember how change rooms, canteen and this whole object looked like when I was here 20 years ago. The place we are in today is a civilization jump. I believe the miners who were using these facilities 20 years ago and who are doing it now can fully confirm that. I think that it proves what was said by the Chairman that for PG SILESIA Board of Directors employees’ safety level is important, as well as comfort and convenience. I trust the new change rooms prove that and will serve this purpose. It also shows that PG SILESIA treats seriously its employees the whole business and I believe we will witness many other, positive changes visible outside. Congratulations – added Marian Błachut, Mayor of Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.