PG SILESIA with the title "The one who changes Polish industry"


Prestigious title from editorial board of economic monthly Nowy Przemysł and internet portal

PG SILESIA has won the prestigious award “The one who changes Polish industry” for the year 2012. The awards granted by editorial board of economic monthly Nowy Przemysł and internet portal were handed out during a gala crowning Forum “We change Polish Industry”.

The editorial offices of the Group PTWP SA economic monthly Nowy Przemysł and internet portal grant titles “The one who changes Polish industry” since 2000. Companies, institutions and public figures are honored with this title for specific achievements that have changed Polish economy for better. Smart, considered and consistently implemented business concept usually decides about nominations. Granted titles indicate new and positive trends that shape perspectives of Polish economy.

This year the project has a specific size and scale. In addition to our key recommendations of Winners from previous years, we asked for help portal users who have sent us their candidacy for the title of "The one who changes Polish industry". The editorial board of Nowy Przemysł of the submitted proposal have chosen the list of nominees and gave it for consultation by online voting at The final list of winners was traditionally selected by the editorial board – said during award ceremony Wojciech Kuśpik, chairman of PTWP SA, publisher of economic monthly Nowy Przemysł and internet portal

Deputy Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński, politicians, managers of the largest industrial companies in the country, as well as representatives of international companies investing in Poland participated in the gala crowning Forum “We change Polish Industry”.

PG SILESIA was awarded with the title “The one who changes Polish industry” because of designation by the investor - Czech company EPH - a new direction for comprehensive changes in the coal mining industry.

Attention of many mining community representatives in Poland is paid to PG SILESIA - a company that intensively invests, aims at productivity, introduces new models in production organization and costs management, all with maintaining the safety of the crew and social dialogue. Not so long time ago Silesia mine was threatened to be closed. However, thanks to the consistent efforts of the crew and operating trade unions mine managed to win investor, a Czech company Energeticky průmyslový Holding (EPH).

In May 2012 exploitation started again in PG SILESIA. EPH plans assume that Silesia will record approximately 3 million tonnes of ROM (run of mine) material per year. The Czechs have already invested in Silesia mine more than 520 million zł. Since the acquisition by the Czech investor many things in the company have changed. Infrastructure is being renewed, the machines and equipment are being delivered to the mine.

Silesia mine plans to introduce a seven-day working week. This is the first such solution in Silesian mines to improve mining efficiency. At the mine in Czechowice-Dziedzice the Collective Labor Agreement was signed. The case of Silesia is not only the victory of Czech consistency and pragmatism, but also evidence of the effectiveness of the private investor in the mining industry. In the view of coming difficulties at the market and necessary rationalization of cost production, model of PG SILESIA must be considered an interesting proposition for other mining companies in Poland.

This award is a great honor, but also an obligation for us to continue to be a leader in safety, efficiency and the organization of work - said Michal Heřman CEO of PG SILESIA.

The solemn gala of granting the awards was preceded by Forum “We change Polish industry”. The aim of the conference is to promote positive changes in the Polish economy, the promotion of what helps development and focusing on what restrains free market actions. Forum "We change Polish industry" was held on 11 February in Warsaw. It was attended by nearly 1,000 major figures of the Polish economy. This event created a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions between practitioners, academics, politicians and those involved or observing changes in the industry.


      Michal Heřman, Prezes Zarządu PG SILESIA,
         Jarosław Zagórowski, Prezes Zarządu JSW S.A.,
    Janusz Pichociński, Wicepremier i Minister Gospodarki                                                                        


Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.