PG SILESIA signs contract for modernization of Treatment Plant


PG SILESIA has signed a contract for modernization of Treatment Plant. It will let PG SILESIA to deliver fine coal fractions staying in accordance with specifications submitted by clients. General contractor is ALTA a.s.

Contract with ALTA refers to building the technological line for fine coal’s enrichment. This investment is connected with adaptation the production to the current market needs. Starting the new technological line will extend the commercial offer of PG SILESIA with high-energetic fine coal and fuel in classes 0-6 mm.

This technology is said to be one of the most modern. It is able to separate the output in a very accurate way. Cyclone’s line is destined to complete current process of coal enrichment which is being done by DISA system. New technological line will be added as “bypass” of the current DISA system. Using technology of heavy media enrichment will not overload water and sludge circulation and transport roads.

After completing this stage of Treatment Plant’s modernization, we will be able to produce mixes of calorific values required by clients. Loading process also will be much easier – directly from the production to the trains. Apart from innovatory nature of the investment, its huge advantage is also being environmental friendly. Environmental aspect is very important for us – said Michal Heřman, Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA.

Umowa na modernizację zakładu przeróbki węgla w PG SILESIA podpisana

Thomas Lautsch, Vice chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA, Michal Heřman, Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA, Radek Pecina, Commercial Director of ALTA a.s.

Ewa Szpejna
Director of Communications and PR
Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.