Controversial option of S1 road as a topic of parliamentary debate


There is no best possible option at the moment. No optimal and acceptable by all parties option (…) – this is how the discussion regarding controversial section of S1 road, between Mysłowice and Bielsko-Biała, was commented, during the meeting of parliament on 28th of May 2013, by Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy Patrycja Wolińska-Bartkiewicz. In the matter of option A, which is harmful for further interests of PG SILESIA, MP Stanisław Szwed has interpellated.

Controversial topic related to options of S1 road and threat of losing hundreds of workplaces is becoming more and more disputable. In letters aimed at Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy and other relevant resorts PG SILESIA presents harmfulness of the option A not only for the Company but also for local community.

The problem with S1 road has lasted for many years. (…)It cannot be done the way that choosing one of the options causes closing some mines or stopping extraction of the coal. It would be pointless. (...) If there is possibility of choice, the option of keeping the workplaces should win, not the other option – convinced MB Stanisław Szwed during the meeting of parliament in May.

Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy Patrycja Wolińska-Bartkiewicz, responding to MP Szwed’s interpellation, underlined that for sure we, I mean whole government, didn’t want to build the roads in place, where it causes such big protests and destroys natural resources as coal or protected areas (…).

It is known that the meeting of KOPI, planned for the end of May and beginning of June, had been postponed, at least, by one month. More and more politics are involved in the discussion. Communities and Trade Unions are issuing relevant resolutions and strongly oppose option A of S1 road.

We enter into dialogs not only with GDDKiA, but also with decision-makers and relevant ministries. We believe that overall highlighting of all problems, connected with constructed road, and harmfulness of the options passing through mining areas for local communities, will let make an appropriate decision regarding the location of planned road. Investment cannot be implemented at the cost of people, their work and belongings or at the cost of regional development of areas where the road is planned to pass – explains the Board of PG SILESIA.

Ewa Szpejna
Director of Communications and PR
Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.