S1 road. Local communities say ‘YES’ to option „H”.


After getting familiar with description of the idea connected with creating a hybrid option of S1 road section, between Mysłowice and Bielsko-Biała, local authorities declare that they are open for proposed solution. New option of the road is good both for mines and local communities.

Mayor of Bestwina Community expressed positive opinion regarding a hybrid option of S1 road, in its section between Bojszowy Communitiy’s border to the junction located in Stara Wieś, in Wilamowice Community. Mayor underlined that „the alternative described in study is supralocal”.

After getting familiar with the proposal of option „H” of S1 road, in its part referring to Brzeszcze Community, I tentatively accept that option – wrote Mayor of Brzeszcze Community, Tersa Jankowska, in the letter to PG SILESIA.

When it comes to Bogdan Taranowski, Mayor of Miedźna Community, he also expressed positive opinion regarding new option of S1 road course. However he emphasized that while thinking about building the road in option “H”, planning two road exits to Miedźna Community is very important issue.

Course of hybrid option is a compilation of options „C” and „A” and it is similar to the option „VII”, which GDDKiA proposed in 2008. Bypassing valuable seams of the mines and meeting expectations of communities, hybrid option seems to be the most compromise solution. It also encourages sustainable development of the areas where the road investment is planned. Study regarding option “H” which was submitted to GDDKiA by the Board of PG SILESIA is currently being analyzed by the investor.

Ewa Szpejna
Director of Communications and PR
Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.