S1 Road. Social consultation process of option H has begun.

17th of October 2013

Discussions regarding using the idea of hybrid option in implementation of S1 road move to higher level. The investor, GDDKiA Katowice, has started a social consultation process of the nearly seven-kilometers-long section connecting options A and C.

The idea of hybrid option of S1 Road was officially introduced in July this year as a compromise solution for local communities’ interests, companies and ecologists. During the consultations with GDDKiA in September this year the final direction of the road was created.

Implementation of S1 Road, with taking into account hybrid option, is more and more real. We are very happy because we also need this road. GDDKiA has decided to start the process of official consultation the option H with the social side. Positive opinions have been already submitted by mining companies. As far as I know interested communities also are favorable to this solution. I hope the consultations will end up with the best result – says Dariusz Dudek, Chairman of the Social Committee of PG SILESIA.

Mining companies, PG SILESIA and KWK Brzeszcze, have officially approved the option H. Authorities of local communities: Miedźna, Bestwina and Brzeszcze, have also approved the abovementioned option. Detailed evaluation of natural assets also supports choosing the option H. According to ecologists’ opinions the loss of natural habitats in option H is smaller than in options A and C.

After completing the social consultation process of newly-designed road section, it is necessary to conduct the natural inventory.

Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communications and PR

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.