PG SILESIA honoured with the economic prize ‘Czechosław 2014’

Czechowice – Dziedzice, 28th of April 2014

PG SILESIA honoured with the economic prize ‘Czechosław 2014’

The ceremony of awarding the economy prize ‘Czechosław 2014’ was held in Czechowice-Dziedzice on 25th of April 2014. PG SILESIA has won the award in ‘Production and Construction’ category . Michal Heřman, Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA, received the statuette from Jerzy Buzek.

‘Czechosław’ prize is awarded by the committee chaired by Mayor of Czechowice-Dziedzice, Marian Błachut. It is awarded to the companies which, by conducting business activities, contribute to the creating positive image of the Community and take active part in its social life. Operation of these companies is always in accordance with the ethics. According to the Committee, PG SILESIA meets abovementioned criteria.

Special guest of the ceremony was Jerzy Buzek, Member of European Parliament – its former Chairman and also former Polish Prime Minister. The ceremony was also graced by the presence of other Members of Parliament and regional politics.

Modernity, innovation, safety, stability of employment – these are the priorities we care about in PG SILESIA. I am glad that we can successfully refer them to our entire region. This award is a big honour. I can assure you that we will not rest on our laurels and we will continue the cooperation when it comes to development of entire region. – said during the ceremony Michal Heřman, Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA.

Having been operating since 2010 PG SILESIA has already been awarded with the title “The one who changes Polish industry 2012” for designation a new direction for comprehensive changes in the coal mining industry. One year later PG SILESIA was awarded with the prize ‘Good Employer’ – the title confirms that PG SILESIA is a solid Company, sensitive to neighborhood’s needs and which is worth connecting and cooperating with. One of the key areas taken into account during examination of the application was safety.

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Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communications and PR

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