Tomáš Novotný becomes Vice Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA

Czechowice-Dziedzice, 12th of December 2013

Tomáš  Novotný becomes Vice Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA

On 12th of December 2013 Supervisory Board of PG SILESIA appointed Tomáš Novotný as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Tomáš Novotný is one of the top executives of EP Energy Group. As a Director he is responsible for coal sales and logistics within whole EP Energy Group. At the same time he holds a position of Chairman of the Board in UECT and UECT Polska. Within EPH group he is responsible for all deliveries and sales of coal, including transport.

His years of management experience and knowledge of industry realities will be not only huge support for PG SILESIA but it also will  strengthen the presence of EPH in PG SILESIA. It is also very important that Tomáš Novotný took part in the project of taking over “Silesia” Mine (from Summer 2009), so he is one of the very few people who knows a lot about history of this project. From the very beginning he is responsible for sales strategy, which is one of the key areas of our company. As Vice Chairman of the Board he will be responsible for supporting the changes which our mine should do in order to be competitive company and to meet investment goals.


Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communications and PR

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