The final of the Competition 'I WORK SAFELY 2015'


On 30th of November 2015 at PG SILESIA there was organized a final of the contest I WORK SAFELY 2015. Having accumulated the highest number of points in semifinals, eleven employees have been qualified to the finals. On the podium there were: Sławomir Rusinek - first place, Marcin Wójtowicz - second place and Kamil Mynarski - third place.

This year interest in the competition was much higher than in previous years. In total 47 employees signed up for the elimination, 37 of whom qualified to the semifinals. The fact that eleven employees got to the finals (not ten - as it was anticipated) confirmed how high and balanced the level was.

In the finals the contestants had to deal with the questions of multiple choice. Answering correctly to all questions in final round, Sławomir Rusinek from Underground Electric Department turned out to be unrivalled. Second place was taken by Marcin Wójtowicz from Ventilation Department and third one by Kamil Mynarski, also from Ventilation Department. The awards were given to the employees by the Chief Mining Operations at PG SILESIA, Zbyšek Folwarczny, by Bronisław Gaj - the Director of Development, Cooperation with Mining Supervision Bodies and by the Chief Engineer - Piotr Kotizan. For the first place there was an award in the amount of 5 000 PLN, for the second – 4 000 PLN and third one 3 000 PLN. In addition, all participants received diplomas from the Chief Mining Operations, and employees from 4th to 11th place get awards in amount of 1 000 PLN per each.

Mining is a sector in which the term 'safety' is of particular importance. There is no room for mistakes or failures. Every, even the smallest mistake, may end up tragically. That is why it is so important to promote the health and safety among the crew. Thus, three years ago we came up with the idea of organizing a competition in PG SILESIA "I work safely'. Through such initiatives we want to mobilize our people to consolidate and expand their knowledge of workplace safety. As a result, our people become the best ambassadors of these principles on a daily basis. - said Michal Heřman, Chairman of The Board of PG SILESIA.