Commercial offer

PG SILESIA aspires to produce the coal of high parameters. That is why in years 2010-2011 Treatment Plant of the mine was modernized in area of enrichment of big coal sizing. It is planned to conduct the further modernization in 2013 which main aim is to use heavy media cyclones for fine coal enrichment. This will let PG SILESIA to produce power fine coal of high quality parameters.

The coal, offered by PG SILESIA is of high and stable quality parameters, valued by our contractors. We gained it thanks to full automatisation of production process. The process is based on the most modern devices and systems of production parameters’ stabilisation. It is also based on modern systems of quality constant control conducted on loading conveyors (with measurement scanning the whole plough).

High and stable quality of the coal in the seam, highly qualified personnel of Treatment Plant, knowledge and competences, used technologies of also production regime and constant control of quality, guarantee high quality offered products.

PG SILESIA owns a laboratory where daily analysis of ongoing production are conducted.

At the moment PG SILESIA offers measuring the samples (while loading and from production) by independent institutions as J.S. Hamilton Poland Ltd and SGS Polska Sp.z o.o.

Commercial offer of PG SILESIA is aimed to:

  • authorized dealers of PG SILESIA
  • the entire energy and heating industry in Poland and abroad

PG SILESIA offers the following products:

Big sizing assortments

Coal Cube

Nut Coal II (symbol O II)

Peas Coal II (symbol Gk II)

Eco Coal 24GJ


General declared quality parameters

tabela o gk

Product Quality Parameters (big sizing assortments)